AI-Powered Automation

JRNI AI-Powered Automation integrates AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) into email, chat, and other communication channels to automate event management and appointment scheduling.

JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation manages customer communication, reading and reacting to customer responses continuously. Your staff simply checks their schedule, prepares, and delivers outstanding customer experiences. Simple, efficient, and easy!


The Customer Engagement Platform that Drives Volume and Velocity

The JRNI Customer Engagement Platform facilitates enduring, consistent and outstanding customer engagements throughout the entire customer engagement lifecycle, at scale. The platform is comprised of a tightly integrated set of modules designed to automate enterprise use cases supporting Event Management, Appointment Scheduling, Virtual & Physical Queue Management and, Advanced Reporting & Analytics.


JRNI Events

Deliver one-to-many personalized engagements that increase revenue and profitability, build stronger customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty - at scale. On the customer side, JRNI Events offers booking journeys that are customizable for any brand’s look and feel and conversion-optimized to make it easy for quick registration. On the staff side, JRNI’s user-friendly and intuitive event management tool makes it easy for staff to oversee crucial aspects of events, from managing ticketing to adding/removing attendees to broadcasting virtually.

  • Manage events of all sizes both in-person and virtually
  • Event registration journeys are customizable for any brand’s look and feel
  • Conversion-optimized user flows that make it easy for customers to quickly register for an event or purchase a ticket
  • Includes an event management staff tool for managing ticketing and adding/removing attendees
  • Automated reminders keep attendees updated and reduce no-show rates
Events booking journey

JRNI Appointments

Deliver the one-to-one engagements that are one-of-a-kind!. JRNI’s conversion-optimized online customer booking journeys offer 1-2-3 appointment scheduling and a best-in-class experience that is customizable for any brand’s look and feel. JRNI’s user-friendly and intuitive staff tool makes it easy for your employees to manage all aspects of appointments, from rescheduling, canceling, or booking to keeping track of customer details and appointment outcomes.

  • Customer booking journeys that are customizable for any brand’s look and feel
  • Enable customer to book appointments how they want it, at the place they desire, with the associate they prefer, at the date and time that is most convenient for them
  • Conversion-optimized user flows that make it easy for your customers to quickly book appointments
  • A robust staff tool for rescheduling, canceling or booking and for monitoring customer details and appointment outcomes
JRNI Appointments customer journey: Pick a service and date and time

JRNI Queuing

Optimize the customer experience by reducing lines and wait times. For customers, intelligent virtual queues eliminate the need for physically waiting in line. They can easily join queues from any device, and then receive updates on their queue status via email or text notifications. On the staff side, JRNI’s easy-to-use concierge tool makes it simple for staff to manage all aspects of queues, from adding, removing, or reorganizing customers in the queue, to keeping track of customer details and visit outcomes.

  • The solution for eliminating lines - customers can join a queue from any device and then be notified when it’s their turn to be served
  • Automated updates on customer queue status via email or text notifications
  • A user-friendly concierge tool for adding, removing, or reorganizing customers in the queue, and for keeping track of customer details and visit outcomes
  • Deliver relevant, personalized engagements with holistic customer views highlighting all preferences and history
JRNI Virtual Queuing screenshot of where employees manage the queue

JRNI Analytics

By tracking revenue and conversions, your company can use JRNI Analytics to measure ROI and to understand how the one-to-one experiences and one-to-many experiences you’re delivering are driving value. By understanding customer experience metrics - like wait time and lead time - companies can make sure that they’re giving their customers the best possible service. And with workforce optimization data, like staff capacity reports, businesses can improve workforce planning at the individual location, regional, and staff-member level.

  • Provides the insight you need to optimize your appointments strategy
  • Shows the ROI of JRNI and of the experiences you’re delivering your customers
  • Track and measure conversions
  • Helps you grow revenue and profitability by identifying and building upon your successes
  • Gain predictive insights to optimize the entire lifecycle
JRNI Analytics showing conversion dashboard

A JRNI customer with over $3B in revenue and 200+ locations saw these results over 3 years

  • 143% ROI
  • $4M in benefits
  • $3.1M in increased profits from appointments
  • 60% increase in appointments annually
  • 1,676 hours saved annually
  • 8x increased retail spend for appointments
JRNI's TEI Report from Forrester