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COVID-19 has changed the face of business as usual - and businesses have to change along with it. JRNI offers on-site and video appointment solutions that will help you reopen safely while maintaining social distancing best practices.

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Reach your customers with voice and video

  • Shift from a face-to-face model to a remote model. Many appointments that were meant to be in person can occur via video and voice. Give this option to your customers so you can stay connected while keeping them safe.
  • Show that there are alternatives to on-site visits. One-to-one appointments allow people to look each other in the eye and connect, even from afar. You can still be together, even if you’re apart.
  • Be better than the rest. JRNI offers video appointments with multiple providers to let you choose the option that is best for you and your customers.
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Stay in touch via virtual events

  • Stay connected with your customers. Virtual events are a great way to keep the conversation alive. Show customers that you’re there for them, even from a distance.
  • Showcase your products. Even if they aren't coming on location, your customers can still experience your products. Use virtual events to showcase what you've got!
  • Keep up the cash flow. Virtual events can be free, but they don’t have to be. Boost revenue by charging registration fees for your valuable insight and services.
Consumers attending a virtual event

Eliminate lines with virtual queuing

  • Reinvent what it means to be in line. If your customers need to wait to enter your location or to be seen for 1:1 service, they can be in line without actually being in line. It’s social-distancing-friendly - and also much more pleasant.
  • Allow for easy self-service. If customers want to join a queue to be seen 1:1, they can do so from any device - and then also mark themselves as arrived when they’ve actually shown up.
  • Reduce no-shows and walkouts. SMS updates keep customers informed about where they are in the queue, so they show up on time and don’t walk away.
Consumers joining a virtual queue

In-person appointments

  • Allow for simple self-scheduling via your website. JRNI integrates seamlessly with your existing website to make it simple to schedule an appointment in only a few clicks.
  • Make it easier to follow social-distancing guidelines. By having visitors come in at predefined times, you avoid crowded locations and keep everyone safe and comfortable.
  • Reduce late arrivals and no-shows. JRNI’s appointment scheduling services come with automatic confirmations and reminders
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