What is JRNI AI-Powered Automation?

JRNI AI-Powered Automation, a revolution in customer engagement technology, is the first and only global enterprise solution to integrate AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) into email, chat, and other communication channels to automate event management and appointment scheduling. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation manages customer communication, reading and reacting to customer responses continuously. Your staff simply checks their schedule, prepares, and delivers outstanding customer experiences. Simple, efficient, and easy!


JoJo Maman Bébé secures 3,000+ appointments in first 10 months


of customers purchased items as a result of pre-arranged appointments

"We require an online scheduling solution that can create rewarding customer journeys. JRNI makes it easy for our customers to book appointments with us, starting their journeys online and continuing them across all channels."
Jessica Hartnett Marketing Executive at JoJo Maman Bébé Read case study

Baby Bunting

"JRNI is one of our most reliable providers with no outages or downtime. When you're conducting 3,000 appointments per week concerning the safety of children, it's a relief to be able to count on the service."

Arron Conroy, National Installation Manager

Harry Rosen

"Putting the control in the hands of the customer, where they're actually able to input the appointment into their own calendars and adjust the appointment if they want to cancel, or reschedule, has made our whole appointment culture a lot more professional."

Alan Whitfield, Executive VP of Store Operations

Monkhouse Schoolwear

“The swift deployment of JRNI Appointments was the best thing we did. COVID-19 had the potential to shut down our business, however, we are now in a position where we are doing better as a whole than this time last year."

Chris Parks, Group Head of e-Commerce

AI-Powered End-to-End Campaign Automation and Appointment Scheduling

Sales agents can spend up to three hours a day coordinating, communicating, and following up simply to schedule a meeting. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation fully automates customer communication, timing and location negotiation, customer-to-agent matching, and calendar booking and re-booking, through e-mail, SMS, chat, and other communication channels. Staff spend less time scheduling engagements and more time creating outstanding experiences with customers.

  • Engages customers automatically in their desired communication method

  • Reduces likelihood of cancellation, leakage, and no-shows

  • Enables scalability by removing administrative roadblocks

Enjoy Greater Velocity With Event-to-Appointment Automation

When manual processes prevent follow up from events, promotions, and walk-ins, customers are left behind and revenue suffers. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation identifies and launches engagement campaigns in real-time at the moment when your audience is most likely to engage. Brands offering one-to-many events can send relevant and personalized communications before, during, and after an event, eliminating costly delays and missed opportunities.

  • Enables automated campaigns off of events (trunk shows, seminars, workshops) with specific journeys targeting cohorts such as registrants, attendees, and non-attendees

  • Eliminates tedious manual follow up and increases speed to engagement

  • Ensures a higher volume of qualified customers driven to 1:1 appointments

More Revenue, Faster

Customers increasingly have elevated the service experience as a key differentiator in their buying decision. Brands therefore must match consumers with staff that has the experience and expertise to meet and exceed customer expectations. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation intelligently matches consumers to the best customer agent based on configurable preferences:

  • Matches appointment offers based on business priorities, such as availability of inventory, availability and skill of staff, location, time, or other configurable attributes

  • Improves service experience with higher quality engagements driven by well-prepared agents

  • Maximizes the likelihood of successful transaction, brand loyalty, and customer lifetime value

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