What is JRNI Events?

JRNI Events is an event booking and management solution that facilitates one-to-many engagements, driving increased velocity-to-revenue. The solution expands your ability to engage more customers while maintaining consistent branding across the enterprise, building stronger customer relationships, and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, at scale.

JoJo Maman Bébé

JRNI plays an important role in our strategy to grow our in-store customer experience events. The dynamics of the JRNI platform help us to achieve our business goals, which include driving more conversions through online scheduling and in-store events.

Jessica Hartnett, Marketing Executive

Enjoy Greater Velocity With Event-to-Appointment Automation

When manual processes prevent follow up from events customers are left behind and revenue suffers. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation launches engagement campaigns in real-time at the moment when your audience is most likely to engage.

Brands offering one-to-many events can send relevant and personalized communications and appointment invitations before, during, and after an event, eliminating manual follow ups, costly delays and missed opportunities.


Delivering the One-to-Many Engagements your Customers Demand

In these days of single-click online orders, your customers expect event registrations to be quick and easy. With JRNI Events, our online event booking & management system, you can give them exactly what they want - while also boosting revenue at the same time. Your attendees will get a simple event booking process that allows them to register quickly, and flexibility, to attend events both in-person and virtually. Manage large events to smaller local events, automatically create recurring events across branch offices or retail locations.

  • Customizable look and feel to match any brand
  • Fully responsive for online event registration from tablets and phones
  • Clean, intuitive booking journeys designed for maximum conversion
  • Booking journeys that encourage appointment bookings during registration
  • The flexibility to register for in-person or virtual events
  • Automated waitlist processes for when events are fully booked
JRNI Events screenshot showing the event booking journey

The Event Booking and Management Solution Your Staff Craves

JRNI Events is not just an online registration experience for your customers - it also comes with an event management booking solution that makes organizing and managing events simple and intuitive. Your staff will easily be able to create and delete events, as well as manage ticketing and attendees.

  • Simple and intuitive event management tool
  • No code-designer for beautiful, on-brand event landing pages
  • Streamlined event creation across locations with event templates and flexible organizational hierarchy
  • The ability to offer free or paid events
  • Ticketing via PDFs, barcodes, e-tickets, and more
  • Detailed attendee profiles with communication history, past behavior, and more
  • Automated confirmations, reminders, and follow-up communication that reduce no-shows at events and keep the client relationship going
Screenshot of managing event bookings in JRNI Studio

Event Analytics that will show your Event ROI

It’s not good enough to just allow customers to register for events - you also need to know how it’s helping your business. JRNI’s industry-leading analytics tool is included in your event booking software implementation, and will help you identify and optimize your ROI from the experiences you’re offering your customers.

  • Out-of-the-box reports that require no data analyst skills or admin configuration
  • Conversion and revenue reports to help you measure value
  • Ticket sales and attendance reports to optimize performance
  • Automated scheduling and delivery of reports to specific stakeholders
  • Alert notifications to keep you in the know about defined KPIs
JRNI Analytics software- event booking conversion dashboard

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