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Source: Lisen
Lisen 60W USB-C Cable 3-Pack
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$7 $15 Save $8

You can never have too many USB-C cables, and at a price this low, there's no reason not to buy more. Lisen's 60W USB-C fast-charging cables are by no means cheap either, offering a flexible yet sturdy cable that supports PD3.0, QC3.0, and QC4.0 for the latest compatible devices.

With USB-C becoming the standard port for devices nowadays, it's a smart idea to always have backup USB-C cables on hand. Whether it's for charging devices connecting peripherals such as a monitor, a solid USB-C cable is a must-have for the work desk or night stand.

There are plenty of options out there to choose from, but some can cost upwards of $20 for a single cable. If you're in need of backup charging cables for your phone, tablet, or even a Chromebook, spending this much probably isn't worth it. Which makes this deal a must-buy the moment you see it, offering not one but three USB-C 60W fast charging cables for just $7 right now.

Why this Lisen 60W USB-C Fast Charging Cable 3-pack is worth your money

While the obvious benefit to this deal is the price of just $7 for three of these cables, there's more here than meets the eye. Lisen cables aren't cheap by any stretch of the word, and offer a reliable and durable charging cable worth of your device and hard-earned cash. Not only that, they support PD3.0, QC3.0, and QC4.0 fast-charging protocols to get your devices back in action quickly.

The fast-charging support is a game changer for a cable this price, but on top of that, they're actually durable enough to last longer than a week of use. Featuring a sturdy aluminum shell and plug, each cable is constructed with a durable fishing net braided wire to deliver good flexibility and longevity. Small drops and bends won't cause any issues, but we'd recommended not hammering the connectors with anything too rigorous.

As a data transfer cable, these also work exceptionally well with speeds of up to 480Mbps. Larger files such as images and songs can be transferred in seconds between compatible devices, including the latest phones from Samsung such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

For the price, getting three backup USB-C cables that support up to 60W charging output is an unbeatable deal. They may not be the highest quality cables on the market, but they do the job well enough to be worth the purchase. Don't sleep on this offer, and when you add these to your cart, be sure to use the promo code 41LEYSMM at checkout if Amazon doesn't automatically apply it for you.