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After two years of curvy edges on the Google Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro causing cases to slip or bend in your hand, the Google Pixel 8 Pro has seen the light and returned to a flat screen. It's a miracle!

On top of that, we've got a better-than-ever camera array and the best blue to grace a Pixel product since the original phone. Whether you're grabbing a bae Bay blue Pixel 8 Pro, pristine Porcelain, or classic Obsidian, you need to show off — and, more importantly, protect — that matte glass backplate and keep that shiny, shiny frame from scratching, denting, or slipping out of your butterfingers.

Pixel 8 Pro cases are bigger and better than ever, with more MagSafe options and more premium styles available for one of the best Android phones on the market. Here are the cases you can trust with your $1,000 flagship - and check out our separate guide to Pixel 8 cases if you've picked up Google's smaller Pixel phone.

  • caseology-parallax-bayblue-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Caseology
    Caseology Parallax for Pixel 8 Pro
    Best overall

    Between the iconic cube pattern across the back to the extra-grippy sides and the impeccable durability, the Caseology Parallax has been in our top Pixel cases three generations in a row. And it holds up amazingly; the Parallaxes on my Pixel 6, 5a, and 4as are all still in perfect condition, and they're still going strong after two years on my parents' Pixel 6 Pros.

  • dbrand-grip-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: dbrand
    dbrand Grip for Pixel 8 Pro
    Premium pick

    Dbrand skins have long been a favorite, especially the Pixel-exclusive TMNP (Teenage Mutant Ninja Pixels) — and for the Pixel 8 Pro, the Grip case has gotten another major upgrade: MagSafe support. The Pixel 8 Pro might've missed the boat for Qi2 support, but even being able to use magnetic phone grips and wallet opens up the Grip case to so many options.

  • ringke-fusion-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Ringke
    Ringke Fusion for Pixel 8 Pro
    Best value

    This clear-ly handsome case shows off the Pixel 8 Pro's sharp colors and soft corners with precision and grace while also guarding against slips, scratches, and drops. Available in both Crystal Clear and Matte Clear, you can choose the clearer — but smudge-prone — version or the frosted and more refined matte version to match your matte glass.

  • peak-design-everyday-loop-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Peak Design
    Peak Design Everyday Loop for Pixel 8 Pro
    Best for MagSafe

    The Pixel 8 Pro gets the first Peak Design case outside the standard Everyday Case with the Everyday Loop. Compatible with the Peak Design Mobile mounting system and MagSafe accessories, the Everyday Loop helps you get a grip even when none of those are around. This is also the first generation of Peak Design Android cases to get a proper color selection.

  • caseborne-ultra-hybrid-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Caseborne
    Caseborne Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 8 Pro

    Known for its extra-rugged cases, Caseborne offers a sleek, slim, clear Pixel 8 Pro case with MagSafe support to show off that iconic Pixel design while also enjoying the benefits of magnetic wireless charging and MagSafe grips. This case claims 21-foot drop protection, but I'd only trust it as far as 10–12 feet, given how thin this case is.

  • moment-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Moment
    Moment Case for Pixel 8 Pro
    $43 $50 Save $7

    Moment is back with more lenses for the full array of the Pixel 8 Pro's camera sensors and MagSafe support so that you can easily swap between sturdy mounts, steady grips, and secure stands during and after your photo shoots.
    Previous Moment users, just be warned that this case uses T-series lenses, not M-Series lenses, so you'll need to rebuild your kit.

  • torro-leather-wallet-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Torro
    Torro Leather Wallet for Pixel 8 Pro

    With digital IDs and tap-to-pay, there's not much reason to carry a separate wallet anymore, especially when we have posh leather folios like Torro's. The deep cash flap can hold bills, receipts, and that secret note from the barista, and three card slots will fit your insurance cards, work badge, and a spare credit card should Google Wallet act up again.

  • spigen-tough-armor-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen Tough Armor for Pixel 8 Pro

    If it ain't broke, don't fit it, and after almost a decade, Spigen's Tough Armor has dual-layer protection down to an art form. Available in four colors — including a Rose Gold and Abyss Green if you feel cheated out of the colors from the baby Pixel 8 — this medium-duty case features a slim, built-in kickstand and robust air-cushioning to help keep your 8 Pro intact.

  •  Snakehive Leather Wallet Phone Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro on white background.
    Source: Snakehive
    Snakehive Leather Wallet for Pixel 8 Pro

    The Snakehive leather case is great for days when your outfit doesn’t have pockets or when you don’t want to carry a bag. It doubles up as a wallet with space to carry three cards and cash. The cover flap can also be used as a stand to watch videos without straining your hands. Over time, the leather finish develops a unique patina that adds a personalized touch to the case.

  •  OtterBox Google Pixel 8 Pro Symmetry Series Clear Case - STARDUST on white background.
    Source: OtterBox
    OtterBox Symmetry Series for Pixel 8 Pro

    OtterBox is a well-known, reliable brand for minimal yet strong cases. The Symmetry series proves why with drop protection that surpasses the military standard. It also features raised edges for additional camera protection, so you can be sure your precious phone is safe from accidental damage. If that wasn’t enough, the optional glittery finish adds a cool touch to the otherwise simple look.

  •  Poetic Neon Series Case Compatible for Pixel 8 Pro on white background.
    Source: Poetic 
    Poetic Neon Series for Pixel 8 Pro

    If you want to add a dash of color and a touch of style, you can’t go wrong with the Poetic Neon Series. As the name suggests, the case comes in four fun shades, or you can go for classic black if that’s more to your taste. Looks aren’t the only thing here, though. This Poetic case is rugged, with dual-layer protection, and has a grippy back to prevent slips.

  • Casetify Impact Series for Pixel 8 Pro on white background.
    Source: Casetify
    Casetify Impact Series for Pixel 8 Pro

    The Casetify Impact Series is a creative playground. You can choose from dozens of cool, never-seen-before patterns or customize your design with your favorite pictures, phrases, and colors. In addition, the case is Google-certified, which means you can be sure of a good, compatible fit. You also get over eight feet of drop protection to keep your device safe from most small slips.

The best Pixel 8 Pro cases are in it for the long haul

Now that Google will be supporting the Pixel 8 Pro with seven years of system updates, longevity is the name of the case game. If you treat this phone right, it can serve you all the way to 2030, so having a case that's protective without being a bulky tank is the way to go. Few cases fulfill this better than Caseology's Parallax and Spigen's Tough Armor. The tried-and-true Tough Armor flies under the radar while offering up the durability your Pixel deserves in both subtle and sparkly shades to allow you to dress it up or play it down to your taste.

Caseology's Parallax has withstood years and years of abuse on previous Pixels, Galaxy phones, OnePluses, and iPhones — and its grippy design keeps me coming back year after year. The only warning note I'll make is specifically for the Bay blue colorway: lighter-color cases can sometimes discolor over time from a buildup of oils/grime/whatever from your hands. This Bay blue sings to me so much that I'm willing to enjoy its soft shade for as long as I can keep it clean, but if you want a stain-proof model, grab the Ash Gray or Matte Black.

One blessing this year is that most higher-end Pixel 8 Pro cases come with MagSafe these days, and few do it with the sophistication of Peak Design or the unique durability of Dbrand's Grip case. The Grip case can feel a teeny bit bulky to some, but its namesake is undeniably firm, and the skin selection makes it hard to resist. If you prefer a more svelte approach, the Peak Design Everyday Loop finally comes in quality colors for the Pixel 8 Pro. With a built-in loop on top of both Peak and MagSafe accessory support, it's one of the most adaptable cases around.

If budget is your biggest concern, consider the Ringke Fusion, which offers good looks and solid protection without burning a hole in your pocket. Eventually, whichever case you grab, please remember that without a sturdy Pixel 8 Pro screen protector to match, you'll be leaving the most important face of your phone naked and vulnerable to the concrete jungle outside.