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The Google Pixel 8 Pro sets an impressive standard when it comes to features, design, and processing power. While the phone itself is actually quite durable, it's also pretty expensive, so you'll want to do everything in your power to keep it safe from damage. Among the host of great Pixel 8 Pro cases are a handful of dependable wallet cases from trusted manufacturers. Whether you want a premium leather folio, heavy-duty hard-sided case, or detachable wallet compartment, one our selections is sure to meet your needs.

  • vrs damda glide hybrid for pixel 8 pro
    Source: VRS Design
    VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid for Pixel 8 Pro
    Best overall

    A combination of soft TPU, hard plastic, and a metal frame make the VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid one of the most rugged Pixel 8 Pro wallet cases out there. The rear panel slides open on its own with just one touch, revealing enough space for up to four cards (as long as they're all pretty thin). There's even a kickstand for hands-free viewing in either orientation.

  • torro-leather-wallet-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Torro
    Torro Leather Wallet for Pixel 8 Pro
    Premium pick

    Few cases match the luxury of Torro's leather folios, which are handcrafted from high-quality top grain leather and durable stitching. It uses a soft TPU frame to secure the phone, and offers more space than most of the competition. It won't interfere with button operation or port access, and, unlike most wallet cases, it fully supports wireless charging.

  • hall-card-holder-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Amazon
    Hall Card Holder for Pixel 8 Pro
    Best value

    Far more than just a wallet case, the Hall Card Holder sports a durable strap that doubles as a kickstand, plus a dependable metal ring for attaching a lanyard. Add to those the synthetic leather material and slim form factor, and those Pixel 8 Pro is suddenly no longer troublesome to hold onto. Plus, it's about as affordable as a case can get.

  • ghostek-exec-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Ghostek
    Ghostek Exec for Pixel 8 Pro
    Heavy duty

    One of the most versatile Pixel 8 Pro wallet cases, the Ghostek Exec's magnetic storage compartment detaches for whenever you don't need to carry cards or cash but still want to utilize a heavy-duty case. Its advanced engineering renders it safe from repeated drops up to 12 feet, and the detachable compartment also works as a kickstand. This is another of the rare ones that won't mess with wireless charging.

  •  Snakehive Leather Wallet Phone Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro on white background.
    Source: Snakehive
    Snakehive Leather Wallet for Pixel 8 Pro

    Handmade from premium leather in one of several muted but interesting colors, the Snakehive Vintage leather folio can store three cards and a bit of cash while also serving as a stand for viewing in landscape mode. It's held shut by a magnetic clasp, does a good job of protecting your Pixel 8 Pro, and won't get in the way of any buttons or ports. It even works with some wireless chargers (but not all).

  • vena-vcommute-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Vena
    Vena vCommute for Pixel 8 Pro
    $35 $50 Save $15

    The back of the Vena vCommute's outfitted with a magnetically secured leather panel that folds out for access to storage of up to three cards. Said panel hides metal plates for attaching to magnetic phone mounts, and works as a kickstand at three angles of your choice. One of the most durable Pixel 8 Pro cases, the vCommute survived over 26 8-foot drops in real-world testing.

  • foluu-folio-wallet-pixel-8-pro-case
    Source: Amazon
    Foluu Folio Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro

    From one of our favorite budget-friendly case manufacturers, the Foluu Folio sports a highly durable canvas exterior and comes in black, blue, or gray. There's a decent amount of room inside, including a transparent panel for easy access to your ID card, and it functions as a stand when partially open. It closes via a small magnetic strap, and doesn't take up as much space as most other folios.

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    Source: Amazon
    DJBull Detachable Wallet for Pixel 8 Pro

    When you need from for up to three cards and a bit of cash, the DJBull Detachable wallet case will come to the rescue. When you don't actively need the extra storage space but still want dependable protection and a soft-touch exterior, it's still a winner, since the actual case portion detaches from the folio and supports magnetic phone mounts. Unfortunately, the metal plate inside interferes with wireless charging.

Picking the right Pixel 8 Pro wallet case

There's a wide variety of cases out there that offer space for cards and cash. Folio cases are extremely popular, and some use impressively high-quality materials, but they're not usually the most protective. Others sport rock-solid construction and drop protection, but tend to be a little bulkier and don't always play nice with wireless charging. There are also a few minimalist options that can fit one or two cards and barely add any bulk to the relatively large Pixel 8 Pro.

The VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid gets our vote for the best overall, due to its rugged construction, novel self-opening sliding door, and convenient kickstand. The Ghostek Exec's another great heavy-duty option, and it's even more versatile since the storage compartment detaches, and it fully supports wireless charging.

If you're looking for premium materials, you can't beat the Torro folio. It's made from top grain leather, which, unlike the genuine leather making up most similar cases, consists of a single, well-treated piece of quality cowhide. And if you're on a tight budget after splashing out on the high-dollar Pixel, check out the Hall Card Holder. This one's especially interesting because of the strap on the back, which makes the 8 Pro easier to hold and even serves as a kickstand in landscape orientation.

While we're partial to especially rugged cases when it comes to expensive phones like the Pixel 8 Pro, they also tend to be bulky. That's why we like some of these wallet cases quite a bit, as they add function but don't make the phone impossible to get your hands around or fit in a pocket. And we've made sure to highlight the rare models that do support wireless charging.