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When it comes to smart TVs, there are plenty of different brands to choose from, but only a few web-connected platforms to stream your Netflix. While titans like Samsung and LG use their own operating systems for running apps, Google TV takes care of streaming, menus, and other UI elements for brands like Sony, TCL, and Hisense. And Google TV is one of the best smart platforms on the market, and a major upgrade on the older Android TV software.

Google TV is an entertainment opus with its algorithmic recommendations, immense app library, and casting capabilities. However, with so many TVs to choose from, picking the best Google TV can be tough. Don't worry, though, for we've compiled this list of our favorite Google TVs that covers multiple sizes, prices, and purposes.

The TCL 65-inch QM8 Series
Source: Best Buy
TCL 65-inch QM8 Series
Best overall

TCL hits hard

$901 $1700 Save $799

TCL is a mighty force to be reckoned with in the world of TVs, and when it comes to Google-powered sets, we think the 65-inch QM8 is the best set for most households.

  • Next-level picture quality
  • Great HDR support
  • Stunning 4K upscaling
  • Black levels could be a bit better

The TCL 65-inch QM8 Series is the kind of TV that confounds us, purely because this thing should cost way more money. But if you watch a lot of TV and take full advantage of all the streaming services out there, the QM8's ultra-bright mini-LED lighting delivers a maximum of 2,000 nits. Let's just say that as far as brightness goes, you'll be in good hands here. There's so much more to love, though.

The QM8 boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, supports many leading HDR codecs, and includes TCL's Game Mode Pro for our PS5 and Xbox fans. Not to mention the incredible Google TV OS working front and center and behind the scenes to give an amazing assortment of apps, games, and other useful features to enjoy.

The Hisense 65-inch U8K Series
Source: Best Buy
Hisense 65-inch U8K

Mesmerizing picture for a mesmerizing price

$1098 $1400 Save $302

Far from just your typical midrange TV, the Hisense U8K looks and performs like a flagship Samsung or Sony, but is priced like a big TV that dishes out the bare minimum.

  • Next-level 4K upscaling
  • Class-leading HDR performance
  • Incredible peak brightness levels
  • May be too bright for some
  • Some issues with light blooming during darker scenes

Hisense TVs have been making quite the splash over the last few years, delivering some of the best-looking midrange TVs for a cost that usually can't be beat (unless you're TCL). Google TV just so happens to be one of the brand's go-to UI platforms, and when you combine Google's diverse library of movie and TV show content with the rich, beautiful colors of the 65-inch U8K, you'll be hovering around in TV heaven.

This is also one of the only TVs to integrate a subwoofer into its chassis. No, it doesn't exactly reach the heights of a full Dolby Atmos system, but this TV supports the Atmos codec and can do some damage regarding audio. The U8K also brings back Filmmaker Mode (found on last year's U8H), which automatically adjusts the picture of your TV based on the kind of flick you're watching. That way, you'll see the film exactly as its creatives intended.

The Sony 65-inch XR X93L TV
Source: Best Buy
Sony 65-inch XR X93L
Premium pick

A mini-LED for the ages

$1698 $1998 Save $300

For the kind of premium TV picture you’d normally find at an upscale movie theater, go with the Sony 65-inch XR X93L. It’s bold, brilliant, boasts impeccable motion clarity and is equipped with Google TV for all things smart and streaming.

  • Picture is near-lifelike
  • Powerful brightness and rich colors
  • Optimized for next-gen gaming
  • Could be a little brighter

Mini-LED TVs haven't been around for very long, but if you want to get your hands on one of the most revolutionary picture technologies, going to Sony is a solid bet. And if you go Sony, you've got to go with the 65-inch XR X93L. What's all the fuss, you may be wondering? Quite simply, the X93L delivers the kind of brightness, colors, contrast, and features of a much higher-priced set, and this is from a brand that makes some of the most expensive TVs on the market! But those mini-LEDs can't do it alone.

Sony's Cognitive Processor XR and XR Backlight Master Drive steer the ship, using powerful and meticulous picture processing to hone in on as much detail as possible. When all is said and done, this 4K HDR TV is the kind of Google TV that truly goes above and beyond.

The TCL Q6 Series
Source: Best Buy
TCL 55-inch Q6 Series
Best value

TCL delivers at every level

$400 $500 Save $100

It may be our value pick, but the TCL 55-inch Q6 Series is no under-performer. A bright and powerful QLED with Google TV running the show, the Q6 brings big brightness and colors to a living room near you.

  • Solid brightness and colors
  • Good HDR support
  • Great gaming features
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate
  • No local dimming

TCL pops up a few times in this roundup, but that's because the brand checks so many boxes when it comes to the kind of Google TVs we want to recommend the most. And while not exactly on par with the class-leading performance of the TCL QM8 Series (or the Q7, which features later in this roundup), the Q6 is still an incredible Google TV set for a great price.

Regarding picture tech, you've got everything from vibrant QLED lighting to immersive colors and contrast, excellent HDR support, and Google TV for all your Netflix and Disney+ needs. Sure, this 55-inch only tops out at 60Hz, but with the addition of TCL's Motion Rate 240 with MEMC Frame Insertion, this is the one 60Hz set that can achieve 120Hz performance from time to time.

The Hisense 43-inch A6 Series
Source: Best Buy
Hisense 43-inch A6 Series
Best mid-sized TV

A Google TV for your bedroom or dorm

$240 $270 Save $30

Hisense and Google TV go together like PB&J, and when it comes to mid-sized sets, the A6 Series is an easy go-to. With its awesome picture, solid HDR support, and integrated Google Assistant, you'll have a hard time taking your eyes off the screen.

  • Good picture quality
  • Decent 4K upscaling
  • Great price
  • Not as bright or colorful as other models
  • Poor off-angle viewing

When your TV size is below 50 inches, it's fairly common to see some features turn to dust, with motion performance and resolution being the two main culprits. And while this is kind of the case with the Hisense 43-inch A6 Series, this awesome mid-sized Google TV rocks some pretty impressive picture quality and HDR support, even though you're only working with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Hisense TVs are also pretty great for gaming, and the A6 Series includes the brand's Game Mode Plus mode, which ensures your every single-player campaign or multiplayer mashup are lag-free. Of course, a slightly better 120Hz refresh rate would be better all around.

The Sony 32-inch W830K TV
Source: Best Buy
Sony 32-inch W830K TV
Best small TV

Sony rules at every size

X-Reality Pro picture processing and HDR support make the Sony 32-inch W830K the kind of small TV that similarly-sized models from other brands should be learning from.

  • One of the best small TVs
  • Good app selection
  • Solid colors and contrast
  • Not as bright as other models
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate

While 32-inch TVs tend to be used as bedroom sets, that doesn't mean your small screen should skimp on features and performance. And if you're trying to get the best tiny Google TV you can find, Sony's W830K Series should be a leading consideration. Now, let's not beat around the bush: what you won't find here is 4K resolution. That's not unusual with smaller sets, though, and the way this Sony handles colors, contrast, and peak brightness levels, you'll probably forget you're looking at a 1080p picture (at best).

Google Assistant is here, too, and you can use Google's digital pal to search for your favorite movies and shows, and to call up live footage from any Nest cameras you have hanging around your property.

The TCL 75-inch Q7 Series
Source: Best Buy
TCL 75-inch Q7 Series
Best 75-inch screen

TCL strikes again

$938 $1400 Save $462

For a 75-inch screen that gives you the kind of picture you'd want on a set this size, the TCL 75-inch Q7 Series has got what it takes to be the TV you own and use daily for the next several years.

  • Awesome picture quality
  • Great motion clarity
  • Excellent Google TV UI
  • Not as bright as other models
  • Not the best off-angle viewing

TCL makes TVs of all sizes, but when you're looking for the biggest Google TV you can find for a solid price, we highly recommend the TCL 75-inch Q7 Series. This beast of a TV is equipped with a powerful full-array LED backlight that pushes up to 1,000 nits. For those unaware, that's some pretty dang good peak brightness! And the Q7 backs up that luminance with a native refresh rate of 120Hz across all HDMI inputs.

Gamers will also enjoy TCL's Game Accelerator 240, which uses VRR technology to reduce lag. While it's a stone's throw away from the flagship QM8, if saving a few bucks is important, the TCL 75-inch Q7 Series should definitely be high on your list.

The Sony 65-inch XR X90L TV
Source: Best Buy
Sony 65-inch XR X90L
Best for gaming

Built for motion and clarity

$1200 $1600 Save $400

The Sony 65-inch XR X90L may not be the most expensive Google TV on our list, but that's only because there are slightly newer models available now. If you want to save a few bucks, the X90L still delivers a vivid and lifelike picture at any time of day, and the additional gaming features make this Sony one to write home about.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Optimized for next-gen gaming consoles
  • Supports 4K/120Hz
  • Some light blooming during darker scenes
  • Becoming hard to find

Gaming TVs need to go above and beyond for its main users: those who love playing video games. As far as Google TVs go, the Sony 65-inch XR X90L delivers plenty of amazing next-gen console must-haves, including HDMI 2.1 across all inputs. This wiring standard supports 4K/120Hz, VRR, and ALLM, essential for reducing input lag and dialing down on the best frame rate possible for all your online multiplayer needs.

The XR X90L also features Sony's Cognitive Processor XR for incredibly detailed picture processing and upscaling. And while this TV may not feature mini-LED lighting, the full-array LED backlight delivers precise brightness to the parts of your screen that need it most, when they need it most.

Live your smart TV dreams with Google TV

Google TV continues to show up on more and more TVs, from some of the cheapest 32-inch sets to chart-topping flagship models. Not only is it the type of smart TV platform that optimizes your experience based on your viewing habits, but with Google TV's wide array of apps, games, and other features, you'll barely remember the days when you were aimlessly flipping from one channel to the next in search of anything to watch.

Regarding Google TVs, we think the TCL 65-inch QM8 Series delivers some of the best picture we've seen, and for a price that doesn't bankrupt the world. Colors, contrast, and motion clarity are also top-notch with this model, and its mini-LED lighting does plenty behind the scenes to drive home one of the best Google TVs we've ever seen.

For those of us looking to invest in an amazing Google TV with no financial limitations, Sony's incredible XR X93L is the kind of TV your friends will envy you for. Still, when it comes time to watch 4K HDR movies, you'll inevitably be the royalty of the neighborhood. This Google TV boasts the kind of cinematic pixel power we wish all TVs could have, but flagship performance often comes at top-shelf prices.

If you're not able to dive into flagship waters, no sweat. The TCL 55-inch Q6 Series costs less than other Google TVs at this size, and it borrows quite a bit of inspiration from the QM8, minus some picture detail here and there.

The TCL 65-inch QM8 Series
Source: Best Buy
TCL 65-inch QM8 Series
Best overall

TCL hits hard

$1300 $1700 Save $400

TCL is a mighty force to be reckoned with in the world of TVs, and when it comes to Google-powered sets, we think the 65-inch QM8 is the best set for most households.