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Bryan is a product evaluator for smart home products. Any free time he has available is spent testing consumer electronics or playing guitar.

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Arlo Essential Video Doorbell 2 1
Do Arlo Essential devices need a base station?

Are base stations needed with Arlo Essential gear?

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Reliable and high-quality performance, simple user interfaces, and a dynamic product line ranging from affordable starter cameras to powerful surveillance are all reasons many choose Arlo for their home security needs. For anyone just dipping their toes into residential surveillance or anyone looking for an uncomplicated line of security products that won't break the bank, there's the Arlo Essential line.

arlo-essential-doorbell-v-ring-video-doorbell-4 1
Ring Video Doorbell 4 vs. Arlo Essential Doorbell: Which is right for you?

Choosing the right video doorbell is based on many factors - here we compare two of the leading wireless models


When it comes to home security, Ring and Arlo are two excellent brands. Both design their many security peripherals around the idea of a safe and comfortable home that can be monitored quickly and simply. Apart from their traditional wireless cameras, these companies also make a few video doorbells to keep tabs on your property, parcels, and other front-door activity.

Ecobee ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium 1
Best smart thermostats that support Amazon Alexa in 2023

The top thermostats that support, and can live within, the Alexa ecosystem


When it comes to controlling the temperature of your home, an analog thermostat can only do so much, and offers even fewer features in terms of monitoring anything while away from home. Many great smart thermostats are on the market and have several advantages over traditional options. For example, they include remote controllability, zone temperature control, and the ability to "learn" the users' habits to schedule accordingly. Some can even remind you when to change your air filter or stream music. However, voice assistant compatibility is one stand-out feature that may make controlling your home's environment easier.