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Bringing you the latest news, guides, reviews, and hottest takes on everything happening in the world of mobile tech is a full-time job — one which Android Police is only too happy to fill. Our editorial staff is hard at work every day producing the smartphone, wearable, tablet, and smart home content you crave, and keeping up with everything that's worth sharing is a team effort. Meet the crew behind Android Police:


James is the Editor in Chief of Android Police, where he helps the team cover everything mobile technology and beyond. He works across news, features, reviews, buyer’s guides, and more. If Android Police writes about it, you can expect him to be involved in some way. Previously, he was Senior Phones Editor at TechRadar, where he covered the latest developments in smartphones and wearables for the best part of a decade. And, yes, that means he used to use an iPhone for a bit.

Based in London, James has appeared on BBC News, Al Jazeera, and other TV networks, podcasts, and radio shows as an expert on the latest technology trends. He was also the first reporter to reveal the return of the Motorola Razr brand for the company’s series of foldable phones. When not thinking about gadgets, you’ll find him watching an extraordinary amount of films, eating his way through London’s best (affordable) restaurants, or playing Hitman 3 through for the 47th time.


Dominic is the Managing Commerce Editor at Android Police, which means he looks after all the content that helps you buy your next phone - or case, charger, tablet, and all sorts of other stuff besides. Before that, he was the Deputy Editor at Tech Advisor, where he covered just about every bit of consumer tech out there for most of a decade.

When he's not focused on phones, Dominic can sometimes be found writing about videogames, film, or food. And if he's not doing any of that, he's probably watching an Arsenal game.


Ara Wagoner is Commerce Editor for Android Police and a lover of all things cases, Chromebooks, accessories, and Disney. Overseeing our buyer's guides and product selection, she has spent 7 years honing her product-picking instincts and reviews while previously at Android Central, bringing a unique flair to her writing (and a lot of TV/anime references).

Ara works full-time on a Chromebook, whether it's at home or while waiting for fireworks at Walt Disney World. She loves Android phones so much that she wears a shoulder holster to ensure they're never out of reach, and if you see her without headphones, RUN.


Steven is the Features Editor at Android Police. Before joining the company, he was the mobile analyst at PCMag, reviewing hundreds of smartphones and tablets, exploring the growth of assistive technologies, and covering Apple and Google’s privacy initiatives. He also worked as a mobile and wearables reporter at Digital Trends.

Steven hold a BA in English and an MA in journalism and new media. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE). When he’s not writing or editing, you’ll find Steven scouring bookstores and working alongside socially engaged artists to improve their communities.


Dallas is the News Editor at Android Police, where he stays on top of the latest comings and goings around the world’s largest mobile operating system. He has been active on Android forums since the early days of the ecosystem and likes staying immersed in the culture, so keeping up with news and vetting leaks comes naturally to him.

Originally from Houston and now based in Austin, Dallas was the type of kid who would take apart his toys to see what made them tick. His innate curiosity for how things work led him to a career covering Android in 2014 at WonderHowTo and later Gadget Hacks, and that's where he found his true calling. He's rooted every phone he ever owned, although he usually sticks with the stock ROM nowadays. When he's not digging into Android, he's either hiking, watching a Rockets game, or busy raising his young son.


Manuel Vonau joined Android Police as a freelancer in 2019 and has worked his way up to become the publication's Google Editor. He focuses on Android, Chrome, and other software Google products — the core of Android Police’s coverage. He is based in Berlin, Germany. Before joining Android Police, Manuel studied Media and Culture studies in Düsseldorf, finishing his university "career" with a master's degree. This background gives him a unique perspective on the ever-evolving world of technology and its implications on society. He isn't shy to dig into technical backgrounds and the nitty-gritty developer details, either.

Manuel has mostly been faithful to the Google phone lineup, though these days, he is also carrying an iPhone in addition to his Pixel 6. This helps him gain perspective on the mobile industry at large and gives him multiple points of reference in his coverage. Outside of work, Manuel enjoys a good film or TV show, loves to travel, and you will find him roaming one of Berlin's many museums, cafés, cinemas, and restaurants occasionally.


Will is the Phones Editor at Android Police, where he covers everything from leaks of your next phone to the components that'll power it. He's got plenty of opinions about the current state of Android phones — thoughts you'll read in his reviews, editorials, and more. You'll also find him writing up our buyer's guides, where he hopes to help shoppers make the right choice in their next phone.

Will appears on the Android Police podcast, where he occasionally taunts his co-hosts with bad opinions about smartwatches and charging cables, and writes AP's weekend polls. In his spare time, he produces podcasts, rewatches the same 37 films, and pretends not to have a never-ending backlog of video games. He lives in Buffalo, NY and is willing to give you chicken wing recommendations at any time. Just ask.


Taylor was an amateur phone nerd for the better part of a decade prior to joining Android Police in 2018, where he's since authored more than a thousand articles about all things Android. He serves as Gadgets Editor, and you'll see his byline on editorials, reviews, comparative buyer's guides, and technical explainers, as well as the occasional piece of breaking news.

Taylor's got soft spots for personal audio, wearable tech, smart lights, and mobile photography. There's a good chance he's carrying a Pixel phone right now. In his time away from AP, you'll probably catch Taylor hanging out with his two dogs, playing Xbox, or out shooting with his beloved Fuji X-T20.


Matt is the Games and Apps Editor at Android Police. He's been gaming his entire life since his first taste of a TI-99 at four years old. Matt has been an Android user since the HTC Hero and has been covering roundups, reviews, and daily mobile game news coverage for over a decade. He's a person that holds a peculiar yet deep interest in all things to do with handheld gaming and constantly pushes to advance the state of the mobile industry beyond the bounds of its predatory monetization obsession.

Matt is a furious nitpicker and something of an (albeit amusing) curmudgeon, a writer that can instantly find fault in just about anything, yet he chooses to wield this power for good from the comfort of his armchair to ensure the best Android games and apps aren't lost to obscurity.


Sara is the Lead Trainer/Editor at Android Police, where she helps new talent and newcomers get their sea-legs on the vast ocean of tech journalism. From commerce content to editorials, she’s had a hand in a little bit of everything Android and iOS.

In her previous lives, Sara was a tech editor, writer, and trainer at Android Central, iMore, and Windows Central, a College Professor, a freelance writer, and in a moment of insanity, a fashion copywriter. When she’s not buried in an avalanche of articles, Sara is testing out fitness tech, playing whatever’s on her Switch or Xbox Game Pass, or mindlessly filling out a Wordle.


Dana uses her eye for detail as a Copy Editor for Android Police. Her edits cover commerce, reviews, news, and evergreen content. Having grown up in Houston, Texas in a family of writers and techies, Dana naturally started her career as a full-time technical writer for Fortune 500 software companies. After more than ten years, she switched gears and dived into her real passion: editing and developing content for authors, start-ups, and online publications. She’s a slight workaholic, but since (they say) all work and no play makes one boring, Dana also loves traveling, cooking tasty plant-based food, and beating friends and family in billiards/pool, virtual golf, word games, trivia games, and more. She also loves British TV; in fact, friends call her "Lady Cain."


Coletta is a Copy Editor at Android Police, where she helps writers look their best and makes articles easy to read. She's been teaching people how to use their computers since the days of DOS and has published hundreds of thousands of words since then. She's written dozens of computer books that were read by an international audience, reported on local events for a newspaper on a small tropical island, and added her editorial polish to thousands of web articles. When she doesn't have her head stuck in a computer, you can find her taking long walks in the woods, puttering in her garden, or stitching up some new craft project.