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While iteration may be the name of the game for 2023's flagship phones, the Google Pixel 8 is a wonderful upgrade from its predecessors. It features a 120Hz refresh rate screen with a whopping max brightness of 2,000 nits, rounded corners for a more comfortable in-hand feel, and an upgraded ultrawide that supports macrofocus and autofocus. The Pixel 8 earns its $100 price increase and then some.

Before bringing yours into the cruel, cruel world outside, you'll need a kickass Pixel 8 case to ensure it won't slip out of your hands or shatter on the sidewalk should it somehow escape your grasp. These picks are all for the regular Pixel 8, but we've also rounded up the top Pixel 8 Pro cases for those of you splashing out on the top-tier Pixel phone.

  • caseology-nano-pop-magenta-lychee-pixel-8
    Source: Caseology
    Caseology Nano Pop for Pixel 8
    Best overall

    This is the case I am eagerly waiting to slip my own Pixel 8 into. The Nano Pop microgrip across the sides gives just enough purpose without breaking up the minimal look, and we finally get the Magenta Lychee pink/yellow colorway! My only wish is it was MagSafe like the dbrand Grip, Peak Everyday, or Tudia MergeGrip.

  • dbrand-grip-pixel-8-case
    Source: dbrand
    dbrand Grip case for Pixel 8
    Premium pick

    Joining the ranks of MagSafe Android cases, dbrand's Grip case is now easier to customize, as adhesive-based phone grips and stick-on card slots didn't always play well with the Grip's various skins. MagSafe opens up the Grip (and your Pixel 8) to a whole new world of accessories while still offering dozens of unique styles and 10-foot drop protection.

  • Spigen-Ultra-Hybrid-Pixel-8-case
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 8
    Best value

    Available in Crystal Clear, Matte Clear, and the teardown-mimicking Zero One, this clear Pixel 8 case can fully showcase your phone's brilliant colors or cover it entirely with a nerdy but tasteful monochrome. The Ultra Hybrid holds up well over years of use, and if you need help choosing a style, the Matte Clear won't be quite as much of a smudge magnet.

  • casetify-impact-pixel-8-case
    Source: Casetify
    Casetify Impact for Pixel 8
    Multitude of designs

    With thousands of designs — and more to come as Co-Lab cases arrive in the coming weeks and months — Casetify's back with 8.2-foot impact resistance and the choice to either customize a solid black case or a clear case with a shiny black bumper. The bumper's grip is invaluable, and the matte designs printed across the back add texture and purchase as well.

  • ringke-onyx-pixel-8-case
    Source: Ringke
    Ringke Onyx for Pixel 8

    Ringke's best known for its clear cases, but I've long been a fan of the Onyx series. The subtle texturing across the sides and back offer slightly better grip than Spigen's Liquid Air, and the buttons each have a specific feel to ensure you immediately know which one your finger fell upon. This Pixel 8 case also offers sturdy anchor points for using lanyards or phone straps.

  • tudia-mergegrip-pixel-8-case
    Source: Tudia
    Tudia MergeGrip for Pixel 8
    $24 $30 Save $6

    Don't be fooled by this case's old-school appearance; it's what's on the inside that counts. A MagSafe ring sits within to allow your Pixel 8 to use magnetic wireless charging as well as magnetic phone grips, wallets, power banks, and more. The color options this year balance the light and dark colorways a bit better, giving us a Pixel 5-esque Green Lily and warm Smokey Pink.

  • caseborne-magborne-pixel-8-case
    Source: Caseborne
    Caseborne Magborne for Pixel 8

    Caseborne has ditched its kickstand in lieu of MagSafe for the Pixel 8, and I welcome this upgrade. The design of the backplate gives us a more involved and pleasing pattern rather than yet another basic circle with a tail, and its 21-foot drop-test rating is no slouch, either. And instead of a built-in film screen protector, Caseborne bundles a standalone tempered glass one.

  • torro-leather-wallet-pixel-8-case
    Source: Torro
    Torro Leather Wallet for Pixel 8

    If you're after a folio with flair, the Torro Leather Wallet feels fantastic in the hand while looking good to those around you with its red accents and stitching. The actual wallet features three card slots and an ample money flap for those rare times when vendors will only take cold, hard cash. It should be Qi charging compatible when closed, too.

  • peak-design-everyday-pixel-8-case
    Source: Peak Design
    Peak Design Everyday for Pixel 8

    Even if you're not 100% bought in on Peak Design's mobile mounting system, the Peak Design Everyday case finally brings some color to its Pixel offerings after years of exclusively black cases. With a finer fabric than even what we saw in the early Pixel days, the Everyday is as dependable as it is delightful, and the more natural tones of Sun and Redwood are irresistible.

  • Mous Limitless 5.0 MagSafe Walnut Case for Pixel 8 on a white background
    Source: Mous
    Mous Limitless 5.0 MagSafe Walnut Case for Pixel 8

    You want a stylish MagSafe-compatible skin that’s available in six organic textures and can easily absorb drop impact? Cue Limitless 5.0 from Mous. This PC shell has a TPU grip that provides a secure, tactile connection to your phone. The slim backplate is further strengthened by manufacturer-supplied AiroShock tech and the thoughtful implementation of a soft, phone-cradling microfiber layer.

  • Ghostek Exec Wallet Case for Pixel 8 on a white background
    Source: Ghostek
    Ghostek Exec Wallet Case for Pixel 8

    The Ghostek Magnetic Wallet Case has been engineered to securely store three cards inside its shockproof compartment and to provide enhanced camera and display protection via its raised edges. It's also equipped with support for Magnalink and many MagSafe accessories. The case's non-slip grip lets your fingers know that your phone isn't going anywhere without your say-so, but if it should, it's known to repel 12 ft. drops. 

  • OtterBox"" data-modal-id="single-image-modal" data-modal-container-id="single-image-modal-container" data-img-caption="""">
    OtterBox Google Pixel 8 Defender Case
    Source: OtterBox
    Otterbox Defender for Pixel 8

    There aren’t many case manufacturers with a bigger reputation than Otterbox. Cementing this status, the Defender Series is a resilient PC shell dressed in a synthetic rubber slipcover. You don’t need to hold it in a death grip when it’s crafted to meet military drop standards. Instead, relax in the knowledge that its soft bumpers provide even more protection while its holster clip securely clamps the case to your waist or morphs to function as a kickstand.

The best Pixel 8 cases bring big features without big price tags

'Tis the season for phone accessories, and with the Pixel 8, you're spoiled for choice. From rugged protectors to sleek, stylish suits, your phone's wardrobe has never looked better. So, whether you're living life on the edge or simply looking for a touch of elegance, your Pixel 8 has the perfect case waiting.

There's a tidal wave of cases for the Pixel 8 at launch (wow, we've come so far since the sparse case offerings of the Pixel 2/3 era), but your shiny new flagship can only wear one at a time. We'll be testing many of these cases as we get more time with the Pixel 8, but for now, our best recommendation is the Caseology Nano Pro. It brings some color and pizzazz that matches the 8's colorways quite adeptly, and the subtle grip pads keep it in your hand rather than tumbling to the floor.

Spigen's Ultra Hybrid brings protection without concealing the natural beauty of the Pixel 8, though I do wish Spigen had given the Pixel 8 a Liquid Crystal option. On the premium end of the spectrum, dbrand's addition of MagSafe to its iconic Grip case is a wonderful step forward, and the skin options to cover the case only grow more and more with each passing season.

Once you've grabbed a case, make sure to snag a sturdy Google Pixel 8 screen protector so that your phone has full protection and a buffer against shattering impacts.